website speed optimization techniques

Website Speed Optimization Techniques 2019

Website loading speed is the main factor which determines the conversion rate of your business. Speed of website increases the visibility and usability of business website. In this present tech world user needs more information on high speed so reduces the page load time to make your business sales positive.

Website speed optimization improves the Google SEO ranking and visitor traffic to your website. For high performance website search engine gives preference to get better search engine results and good leads.

Checklists to make your website speedwebsite speed test tools

  • Use best hosting server
  • Image size optimization
  • Optimize java script and css
  • Reduce the unwanted plugins
  • Use website cache
  • Gzip compression
  • Detect 404 errors
  • Avoid unnecessary url redirect

You can check your website loading time manually by posting the url link in below tools

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