ssl certificate installation

How important is SSL Certificate for website

SSL – Secure Socket Layer its main functionality is data protection while communicate information from user to server across the network. Using SSL for a website increases the security it safeguards data by encryption method. Nowadays SSL is necessary for every business website even Google search engine ranking factor is also defined by the proper SSL certificate installation. For eCommerce shopping cart, SSL is more important during online payment…

SSL Certificate Installation

To install SSL for website first buy a valid SSL Certificate from trusted hosting company and paste the Security Certificate Code (CRT), Private key (KEY), Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) under required domain section.

ssl certificate installation

To check whether the SSL is properly installed on the website by simple verification method, it turns icon ssl icon in the browser with extension https:// and also using below online SSL Checker tool

SSL Benefits

  • High security of data by strong encryption
  • Increase website trust and protects from browser search engine warnings
  • Boost Google search engine ranking
  • Raise the value of website branding