Google Seo Canonical Url

Canonical Url is one of the main seo strategy for onpage optimization it helps search engine to avoid duplicate pages by selecting a correct url. Canonicalization solves the problem created by copied content pages and also important seo factor for boosting search engine visibility. It simply eliminates the duplicate urls by pointing a right unique content page of the website.

How to use canonical tag in seo

<link rel=”canonical” href=””>

Canonical tag helps to remove duplicate content pages of both and Here you have to use canonical tag in duplicate page pointing a master content page. The canonical tag should be used in header section only. For example



<link rel=”canonical” href=”” >





canonical tag seo

Another method you can use 301 redirect for pointing a unique page content url from duplicate content page url. By this you can direct the search engine bots to crawl the right content page url. It also protects a website from google penalities.