New Google Search Console Update Features

Google webmaster brand gets new fresh update as Google Search Console its one of the most important free seo tool for website owners to monitor website indexing in google search. The new Google Search Console has more advantages it gives more detail information about website traffic visits of each individual page links from mobile and desktop search. It also helps to identify the website errors and validate a webpage with xml sitemap submit, to create and check robots.txt.

How to add website url to Google Search Console?

First you need google account sign in with Google Search Console and add website link in this add property option.

google search console signin

Next, google search console verification here google recommends google analytics verification for this you have to update a code in website source and other alternate methods Html Tag, HTML File Upload, Domain Name Provider, Google Tag Manager. Now you can use the new search console with many tool features given below

  • Performance

Here you can get information about people visits, clicks, impression, average CTR, position for queries, countries, devices etc.

googl search console performance

  • Url Inspection

Similar to older version url inspection option helps to crawl the website and make indexing with live website url test.

url inspection

  • Index Coverage and Sitemap

In this you get index coverage for all website internal links and sitemap option to submit a xml sitemap.

xml sitemap submit

  • Enhancements Mobile Usability

Mobile usability helps to check responsive website errors to find and validate it for each website link.

mobile usability