domain name for business website

Domain Name For Website

How to choose domain name for small business website

Choosing a domain name is more important similar to naming a business company. Domain name for website creates unique identity for your business. So select the domain name to create a brand for your company.

For domain name selection lot of keys you have to follow here I will give few tips

Domain Name Availability

First step is to check whether the domain name is available. By domain name search you can get relevant domain names for your website.domain name registration

Short Domain Name – KISS Principle

Don’t forget to “keep it short and simple”- you want users to find your website quickly and simply for your business reach. Making domain name shorter it will be more helpful for search engine optimization. So it reduces length of website url and also improves indexing of the website in search engine.


Memorable domain names are more prior for creating a brand for local company. So customers can easily recommend our products.

Domain Name Extensions – .com is king

Domain name has varied extensions such as .com, .in, .org, .net etc from this .com extension is  best choice for business website due to its global.

Domain Privacy

Usually domain names will display registered person details to public if anyone wants to hide the registrant details you can go for domain privacy option by paying an extra money.

So now you can have some basic ideas about how to choose domain names for your business website.