Google Doodle 140th Year Wimbledon


Today google doodle celebrates 140th year of  Wimbledon championship. Wimbledon founded in 1877 at  All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Wimbledon one of the oldest tennis sport in the world holding long history.This year tennis tournament starts from  July 3 – July 16 2017.  Here check out the match schedule and score updates from this website. […]

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Worlds Fastest Motor 1 Million rpm


Normally industrial motor can spin at  only 250,000rpm. The new motor developed at ETH Zurich’s Department of Power Electronics can spin 1 million revolutions per minute. This product is marketed by the Swiss company, Celeroton. Motor is made up of titanium shell, ultra thin copper wire which contains special secret iron previously unused for machines. […]

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Bionic Eye Implant

binoic eye implant

Bionic Eye Implant A Cure For Blindness: Bionic Eye scientists develop this technology to eliminate blindness completely to restore the vision.  It works on transmitting signals wirelessly from camera to retina which will be processed by brain via optical nerve. First Bionic eye implanted in UK for patient who suffers from age-related macular degeneration. To achieve […]

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