artificial moon china 2020

Artificial Moon Illumination Satellite Mission By China 2020

China plans to build an artificial moon in order to replace the street lights at night time. This mission is led by the Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology, Microelectronics System Research Institute Co (CASC) in 2020. The project “Illumination Satellite” initially helps to get artificial moon light for one city in China name Chengdu it covers an area around 50 Sqkm by this mission electricity charge save about $173 million per year.

How it is possible?

Scientists in China plan to make man made moon satellite with reflector mirror which cast sunlight back to earth. Comparable to natural moon it will be eight times brighter luminous at night. For this satellite should be place above earth orbit around 500km accurately pointing a city.

According to New York Times Russia is the first country to set up this project idea in 1993 launched a space mirror to orbit it reflects a sunlight to earth source said that three times illuminate than normal moon light. After a few days the mirror burned while re-entering to atmosphere, then project dropped in 1999.

Social user’s main concern about this project it will create light pollution affecting a natural cycle of humans and animals.

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